Our hand therapists are in close collaboration with medical specialists from the:

If necessary, patients can be seen together with a specialist during a consultation in Winschoten or Delfzijl, to determine the optimal treatment plan.

At our location in Groningen we are in close collaboration with SEDN.  With the referral of your general practitioner SEDN will be able to make an X-ray or ultrasound of your hand and/or wrist.

If, besides hand and or wrist complaints you also experience other inconveniences of your musculoskeletal system, we frequently work together with Beweegcentrum Winschoten, fysiosportief in Groningen. And, for specific sport rehabilitation with  Construction Fysiotherapie in Groningen. Regarding guidance of patients with chronic diseases, and other specific rehabilitation trajectories we refer to Paramedisch Centrum voor Reumatologie en Revalidatie (PCRR Hilberdink).