Reimbursement of hand therapy is covered by your health insurance under occupational therapy or physiotherapy

Under the Dutch basic health insurance, occupational therapy (ergotherapy) is covered up to 10 hours per year. This implies that your ‘own risk’ (eigen risico) will be addressed, except for children until the age of 18. The own risk of the parents will not be imposed. After the 10 hours, occupational therapy will only be reimbursed with additional health insurance. The amount of coverage from the additional health insurance differs.

Physiotherapeutic health care will, in most cases, be covered from the additional health care insurance. Only when you suffer from a disease that is listed as a chronic indication, the treatment will be reimbursed from the basic health insurance after the 21st treatment session. The first 20 sessions shall in this case be covered from your additional insurance.

The list of chronic indications is a term that can be deceiving. It is possible that you suffer from a chronic disease that is not included on the list. An example is osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, this means that your treatment will not be covered by your basic health insurance. Are you in doubt whether your treatment will be insured? Please don’t hesitate to contact your health insurer, or ask us.

If your child under 18 years old and has a ‘chronic indication’, the treatment will be insured from the basic health coverage. Children without a chronic indication will receive a maximum of two times nine treatment sessions per illness. After these sessions the additional insurance will be addressed.

When health care is paid from your Dutch basic health insurance, your ‘own risk’ will be addressed. However, this is not true for health care paid from your additional health coverage.

We have an arrangement with the below mentioned insurers for reimbursement of splints and casts. (only when you have an additional insurance)

  • Menzis
  • Anderzorg
  • VGZ
  • Univé
  • Bewuzt
  • IZ
  • IZA
  • Zekur
  • UMC
  • Consumers C (collectiviteit)

If you are insured via a different company we only charge costs used on the material for your splint. This varies from 10 euro for a little splint to a maximum of 25 euros for a big brace. Handtherapie Groningen is the only practice in the Groningen county (with exception from the hospitals) who has this arrangement for reimbursements of splints.

For internationals with foreign health care insurance, please check with your own health insurance company for the possibilities.

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