Handtherapeutic care for hand, wrist and elbow complaints.

Specialized, insured care...

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Do you have hand or wrist complaints?

You can contact us with or without reference and for all our locations we have no waiting times. We aim that within 2 days you can be seen by a hand therapist (this is a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist who specializes in hand problems). At the request of the general practitioner or a medical specialist, treatment at our hands center can even be started within 24 hours. Hand physiotherapy and hand occupational therapy is called hand therapy together and is aimed at optimizing your hand function and reducing pain.

Hand therapy

Hand therapy aims for the optimisation of your hand function whilst simultaneously minimising pain or discomfort. How we will reach this goal depends on certain factors. We take a look at the origin of the complaints and how they limit you in your daily functioning.

When surgical intervention is not needed, we call this treatment conservative therapy.

Besides conservative therapy, there is also post- and pre-operative therapy. Post-operative therapy entails the therapeutic care that follows surgery. After surgical intervention, our treatment goals will emphasise on the development and guidance of the healing process by means of:

  • wound care
  • minimising post-operative swelling
  • scar treatment
  • exercise therapy
  • splint therapy

At times, general practitioners or specialists will refer their patients ahead of surgery to our practice. This customarily entails pre-operative screening. The intention of the screening is to map the hand function and its functional limitations in great detail. This information will facilitate the surgeon’s decision regarding which surgical intervention you will receive. Additionally, a pre-operative screening makes it easier to evaluate the post-operative results.

The final outcome and healing of a hand injury or disease is strongly correlated with the quality of the (post-operative) treatment. Specialised therapy greatly enlarges the chances at succeeding, resulting furthermore in a faster and superior return to independence, work, hobbies, and sport.

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